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Since our last update, construction at HUB has been in full swing! With occupancy in Fall 2019, this contemporary industrial real estate development in the Tri-Cities area is quickly progressing, and we are excited to see the building revealing its shape as the season changes. Our crew worked diligently throughout the winter, powering through adverse snow and freezing weather conditions. With all their hard work, the construction team managed to stay on schedule and hit a few milestones along the way.

Read the full scoop below of what’s been happening onsite at HUB over the past several months:



Once our crew completed the installation of water and sanitary storm sewer systems, as well as the building footings and perimeter retaining walls (click here to read our last construction update), it was time to start backfilling and leveling the under-slab gravels, in preparation to pour the building’s floor slab. During this step, crushed gravel is placed in even layers, ensuring a consistent compact surface, followed by a reinforced steel grid. To illustrate the importance of a well-compacted subgrade, imagine a sheet of plate glass laid on a mattress. You wouldn’t want to walk on it, however, if the sheet of glass was laid on the floor, you could walk on it without much concern.


By the end of 2018, with the surface ready to receive the concrete, our construction team began to pour the first section of the building floor slab. The second section of the slab was poured late January, and the third and final section of the slab was recently poured at the end of March.



By mid-March, HUB quickly started to take shape above ground, as we hit a much anticipated construction milestone: tilting up the building walls. Following the project’s design and specifications, panel forms were strategically built on top of the floor slab, acting as a mold for the building walls. Concrete was then poured and, once structural strength was reached, the lifting began on the first section of the building.

A 270T crane was booked for a 3-day window to tilt up the panels. Once the crane arrived, our crew attached the lifting cables to embedded hooks to begin the process. Each wall panel was then maneuvered into its final resting place. Once each wall panel was placed, temporary braces were installed to secure the panels until a frame assembly of steel columns, beams and joists could be installed to permanently secure and support the building.

Right now, major activity is happening onsite. Our crew just completed lifting the wall panels for the second section of the building, with the third and final section anticipated for tilt up in May.

As HUB industrial strata development progresses through each stage of construction, it’s amazing to see how fast the site has changed. More is to come as we approach the final stages of construction, so stay tuned – we can’t wait to share the next update!



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